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Sunday, November 27

.:: Uncyclopedia

Yesterday I spent all day at the Linux Day 2005 in Pisa.
There where some quite interesting presentations, though I'm not a linux user yet. I especially loved the presentation about Wiki, in which I discovered the existence of Uncyclopedia, "an encyclopedia full of misinformation and utter lies". Of course I already knew about Wikipedia, but that's exactly the opposite. A fake encyclopedia. For example, if you search for porn, you'll imediately see a template with "Jesus loves this article!" and a fake quote by Oscar Wilde:
“If they were to take all of the porn off of the Internet, I'm pretty sure there would be only one site left and it would be called "Bring Back the Porn!"
Troughout the whole website there are made-up quotes by O.Wilde. I mean, maybe there won't be useful informations, but that's all soooo funny!