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Tuesday, December 6

.:: Mirrors and Shadows

Between the 1st and the 3rd of December at the IT University of Copenhagen there has been the Digital Arts and Culture 2005 conference .
A lot of interesting papers have been presented, but of course for me the most interesting is the one by Jill Walker : Mirrors and shadows. She talks about our fascination with representing ourselves online, comparing online photographic self-portraiture with self-representations in weblogs and the creation of visual avatars. She connects contemporary projects and quotidian practice to the history of self-writing and self-portraiture, as well as to psychoanalytic theories of how we use our own mirror images to come to an understanding of our selves.

Talking about photographic self-portraits, she brings as an example my set "pieces of me" on Flickr.
And that's what she says:
Marinella’s set “Pieces of me” (Figure 5) is an example of
this. The image of her eyes and nose, half hidden in a pillow,
is the closest to a conventional portrait. The other images
show parts of her body. Some are traditionally sexualised
body parts, such as the lips and the belly button covered in
lace. Others are simply exploratory: fingers (elegantly and theatrically curved in space), a heel, a shoulder, an ear. Many of the images in “Pieces of me” show the
photographer’s body in ways she could not have seen herself in a mirror. [....]
Marinella and Lala-lala’s photosets on Flick may be expressions of the same desire to – and pleasure in – discovering oneself as flesh and blood. Perhaps we could say
the same of the process involved in creating a paper doll that represents oneself. While Melanie’s self-discovery in The Magic Toyshop was cut short, however, our digital selfdiscovery of ourselves is a process that may last all our lives.

Thank you Jill for your wonderful quote and for having tried to understand so deeply our way of representing ourselves! Great paper, by the way.


At 11:09 PM, Blogger Magullo said...

Being reviewed in a paper!
You must be really happy and proud of your work; which is, indeed, a good work, as far as I can see.
Very well.

At 2:57 AM, Blogger incomunidade said...

bien sür que ce n'est pas un monde
où tout se fait facilement
si tu n'as pas la tête ronde
Qui t'en ferai le compliment?
(louis aragon)

At 2:39 PM, Blogger Reflections said...

I understand why Jill has used your pictures as an example, they are truly remarkable, Marina. Keep up the amazing work!!!!

At 11:15 PM, Anonymous . said...

I've discovered this place right now, coming up from your flickr's profile page.
Why didn't you tell me something about before???
I'd have had the idea of coming here and hacking your blog!!! :D
I'm cheatin, obviously, but i feel unhappy of your behaviour!
That's a bad thing to do!

AH! One more.
Why don't you write down about that day in wich aliens kept you for a while, when you were having to be here in Florence for a Kitsch's fest???
Did you forget it about??? :D

A big kiss Marinella!


At 1:59 PM, Blogger QueenMab said...

ehm...well..I have to reply to some of you, since I'havent been passing by for a long time..

#magullo: thank you very much: it's a great thing, I know :D

#incomunidade: don't know if I've understood exactly what you wrot..but, if I'm right, thank you for the beautiful poem: I didn't know it before! :D

#reflections: Torill it's you?!? anyway, thank you!

#calavera: an alien is writing for me. I'm gonna come to Florence very soon. but not me, the alien with my body.
anyway, I haven't been writing here so much during the last months, that's why I usually don't tell anybody about this place..but now you know it, so you can check sometimes :D.

At 7:15 PM, Blogger Reflections said...

Marina, it's me! I had to change my blog, and my flickr name, because of my ex-husband's girl-friend. She is a lunatic, so I have to keep a very low profile. My divorce went through 5 years ago, you should think she would leave me alone, but the fact is she may never do! It's a long story not worth talking about! Keep in touch my friend :)

At 9:30 PM, Blogger Bru said...

Hi there!!!!!
A couple of monthes late I see...

Always good stuff here, I'll have to check it more often.
Didn't know you know Jill. She's great .

Fatti viva :D


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