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Monday, April 11

.:: Interactive narrative project

A friend of mine, Eirik - a norwegian master student who's on Erasmus in Romania - is working on an Interactive narrative project...

I want the protagonist to be an Aeolian harp, and to try to give the user
different choices as the narrative evolves, so it could be like a multiform
story. For every puzzle or story that is completed the user will collect a
string of a melody (in Aeolian scale) that will go into a buffer (represented in
some way), and at the end of the story, the melody will be played back. It's
like PLAYING a melody. If the user chooses a different path through the
narrative, the final melody will be different.

This looks very interesting to me...we'll see how it will be realized.
Good luck, Eirik!


At 3:30 PM, Blogger Eirik said...

Thanks Marinella! Oh my, I feel like an Internet celebrity now... I'm still working on the project, the hardest part is actually to write the story. I have to be done with it before 3rd of June, no problem, I hope. :)

I'll put it on the net as soon as I have something to show.


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