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Saturday, March 5

.:: Cameraphones as personal storytelling media

Howard Rheingolds, the author of Smart Mobs, has recently written an article in "The future" about cameraphones as personal storytelling media.

It looks like this newly ubiquitous device could be more about flows of
moments than stocks of images, more about sharing presence than transporting
messages, and ultimately, more about personal narrative than factual
He claims that a communication device that was used to transmit messages across distances is now also used to capture a flow of experience in order to add a visual element to face-to-face story-telling.
I think he's absolutely right: it's incredible how MMS and cameraphones have deeply conditioned our way of using mobiles and our perception of the possibility of catching instants of our lives. Now we have a camera in our pocket, always. And we can immediately communicate not only through words but also through images of our lives.


At 12:11 PM, Blogger My Scribbling Retreat said...

Marina, how true - about mobile telephones!! Danny used his when we went skiing in Voss, for both pictures and video. Also thank you so much for making me aware of Rheingold's new article, I really like his writing, quite an excentric though...Keep smiling - you are a very special young woman!


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