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Wednesday, November 17

.:: Italy 'text tax' sparks outrage.

I'm completely out from Italian politics at the moment...this is why I've been really surprised reading this in the BBC website:

Italians have reacted angrily to government proposals to bring in a tax on
mobile phone text messages.
With 27 billion text messages sent by Italy's
residents last year, even a small surtax could raise a fortune.
But Italians
- who own more mobile phones and send more text messages per head of population
than any other nation - are unlikely to support it.
The plan was put forward
as a way to help Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi fulfil election promises to
cut taxes.

I cannot believe we have such a Prime Minister!! Does he really think that just doing this he will be re-elected?!?


At 4:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Marina, I thought Silvio Berlusconi was going to prison, and not another term as the Italian prime minister. After all, where does he belong the most?? Would he actually have a chance at getting re-elected, or is this just his personal dream? Well, you never know about these political topics, Bush got re-elected as well, although the entire world thought he didn't have a chance!!


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