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Tuesday, November 9

.:: I'm back!

I've been having problems with the log-in and i haven't been able to post for a while but...now I'm back!
These days I'm totally absorbed from the conference "Digital og Sosial" that will officially start tomorrow morning here in Bergen. I'm soo excited! Fpr "normal" people the conference costs more or less 200 euros but I'm helping the orgnizators as a volunteer so.. I have it for free! And I will know a lot of people that I already know through Internet , but only because I've read their essays or blogs or literaure..and now I will see them "live"...Tomorrow for example there will be Howard Rheingold (the author of "Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution") and on thursday Scott Rettberg , co-author of the great distributed novel "Implementation" and of "The Unknown", and author of the serial email novel "Kind of Blue".
I've been all these months studying and surfing and reading this stuff and now I can meet them! It's great. Thanks Jill.
Ah! And the website of the conference is wiki, too!


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