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Thursday, October 28

.:: Italians do it better

Talking with my teacher Jill Walker about Italian school...she told that seems I've had a good education, so maybe the educational system in Italy works well..I really don't know. Actually I think that in this moment we cannot talk about an Italian-way-of-making-school: we've had at least two important reforms in the last few years that I really didn't like, both badly trying to imitate American school. And now all it's completely different from the post-68th school. And it's better? I really don't know, but one thing I know for sure: the mummy-teachers are still there ( as cultured as always, as far as always) but the 2000 pages long books are disappeared and maybe in new courses like mine things are radically changing and teachers seem to be "closer". Better or worse, I really don't know.


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