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Tuesday, November 23

.:: "m-Novel"

Ok I know that I call everything with my name, but this time "m-Novel" isn't an abbreviation for "marina's-Novel"...;-)
"m-Novel" is a mobile literature channel that has been launched in China.
The first story is a romance called 'Distance' written by Xuan Huang (a prominent new-generation novelist from Taiwan) and will be delivered by SMS with versions in MMS, WAP and IVR to follow.
Mike Grenville reports for 160characters.org:
"Distance" is a winding love story of a young couple that becomes acquainted
because of a mis-sent SMS message. As Chinese characters are double-byte, the
story only has 70 Chinese characters in each SMS message. The whole story is
1,008 Chinese characters told in 15 chapters with one chapter sent each day.
Can I please meet the love of my life through a mis-sent SMS?!?


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