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Sunday, March 6

.:: Wists

The 1th of March is born Wists, a visual bookmarking platform, in which it's possible to tag webpages with images or screenshots (automatically created if you don't specify an image).
The social nature of this software is manifested in the option of linking up with other users by clicking on images they have tagged. Like del.icio.us, it presents a list of most popular tags, but they're also groupped into categories and, I have to admit , it's graphically more clear than del.icio.us (though the second one remains the king of social bookmarks). The problem is: how much self-explanatory are these images? The user has to read the text under the image to understand what the image refers to. Wists's risk lies in the possibility of becoming a mixture of random images without an immediate sense..of course tags help mantaining a kind of order, but I think del.icio.us is still more immediate (great quality for a web tool!) .
It's only few days that Wists is online but it already has a lot of users..interesting, at least interesting.


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