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Thursday, April 21

.:: Street art

I was talking with my floormate...she's mad about the posters, writings, stencils, etc on the walls surrounding the faculty of Arts in Pisa. She claims it's not fair to cover ancient buildings' walls with that "shit" (because shit it is for her)..So I was thinking that maybe she's right, that cultural goods have to be preserved and it's not fair to contaminate them..yes it's true, but in Italy I think the situation is special: we have ancient buildings all around, most of our buildings are ancient, especially the ones of the faculties..So is it right to forbid people to express themselves in that way? Or isn't it better to let cultures overlap and mix? Isn't it another form of expression of our society?
The only thing I really can't stand is when something is done just for insulting and deface..I really don't understand (or better, I perfectly understand and this is the worst part...) the paint stains on churches and university official buildings...I dont' tolerate this kind of expressions only when they're moved just by anger, without respect and conciousness of the value of ancient art and traces.
But still this express our society..


At 3:24 PM, Blogger Eirik said...

Many times I thought the same like your friend. Posters can be really ugly when they start to decompose, and when there's a jungle of posters hanging on a wall it isn't always beautiful. But then again, street art can really add something to a building, IF it's done in an intelligent way. And on some of your ancient buildings, a little grafitti here and there might spice things up a little! In Italy you have to make a difference between the buildings that are old and worth keeping in the original state, and those who are just old. But surely, you have new houses as well? Or?

Listen to this. In Timisoara where I am now, a lot of the houses in the center haven't seen paint in years. So, in fact, when some guy decides to spray some paint on the front of the house, he is actually preserving the building, or should I say protecting it. All the street art I have seen here has either been funny, political or just plain beautiful. Thumbs up for Timisoara.


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