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Friday, December 3

.:: concert.

I've been away for so long...I was totally absorbed from my studies , my exams , my papers , my projects. I'm exhausted, completely. But I still have one week of study.
Fortunately this evening I've gone out...I really needed it. I've been to Maria Solheim's concert. It's a Norwegian singer and she's soooo sweet. I've known her music for a stupid coincidence: I was passing from a Cds' shop and I saw the advise of her last Cd...I thought it would be nice to listen to some Norwegian music while I'm here, and I downloaded some songs. I imediately loved her, her voice, her music, her words, her sweetness. And tonight the concert. She's really shy and...delicate, yes, delicate like her music. I feel her music so close to my feelings in this moment...Wonderful.