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Friday, September 2

.:: Smoking chains

"Six degrees of smoking" is a global artistic collaboration which consists in distributing free lighters to those who wish to be involved. The recipient then photographs themselves smoking a cigarette and submits it via MMS or email. He then passes the lighter on to a fellow smoker (either a friend or a stranger) and the process is repeated. Each lighter is numbered and so they can be tracked on their travels.
Isn't it cool? I know for many people it will be horrible because can be a sort of supporting effect on smokers..but I don't seriously think smokers will smoke more thanks to this project..I think it could just be really cool to see how people can connect each other and objects can have incredibly adventurous lives.
This reminds me of BookCrossing...well it's the same way of tracing object's lives..

[via textually.org]