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Tuesday, October 25

.:: Flock - a social browser

I think today I'm gonna try out Flock, the new browser that integrates social software.

Flock is actually being developed and its interface is still very similar to Firefox's interface (and actually its code is also based on Firefox's one). Though it is possible to do some things that are not possible with other browsers, such as sharing bookmarks and photos through del.icio.us and Yahoo! and having an RSS integration included in the browser. Looks like the blog manager is the main innovation: a tool which lets you create an HTML page and publish it directely in your blog, integrating platforms such as WordPress, Movable Type, Typepad and Blogger - it's a WYSIWYG editor and it supports a drag and drop feature. Contents can be copied from other pages or from Shelf, a sort of clipboard which lets you save texts or images taken from other websites.

Looks like it is a very interesting thing, though it has been criticised for being just an unuseful copy of something which could be easily integrated in Modzilla. But, you know, I'd like to try it out and see how far it can get.

Monday, October 24

.:: Wikipedia and China

The online encyclopedia Wikipedia has been unavailable in several chinese provinces including Shanghai since 18 October. The new has been spread by «Reporters Without Borders» on friday evening. Users trying to access Wikipedia homepage from any PC in China get an error message: it is not a selective censorship of some entries - it is the latest online censorship from Pechino. Paradoxically, this comes at a moment when China is publishing its first white paper entitled “The construction of political democracy in China” on 19 October, published to underline presumed improvings in human rights promoted by Chinese governement.