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Tuesday, September 21

.:: My first real post

..what to say? First of all, I think it will be better to present my self:
I'm Marina, an italian 20 (almost 21...buhhh!) years old girl. I come from Gravina (south of Italy, Puglia) but I live in Pisa (do you know the tower, don't you? Is the one that all the Japanese people mantain in their photos..;-)).
I'm attending the third year at the University of Pisa in the faculty of "Lettere" (Humanities), degree in Humanities Computing (or Informatic Humanistic, as you prefer)...and I love it! Now I'm studying in Bergen, Norway as a Erasmus student, where I'm indeeping in particular text encoding (XML and TEI) and digital culture, with a wonderful teacher , Jill Walker (I have to thank her for making me discover the blog world).
What else? I love litterature and music and cinema and text encoding and photography and a lot of other things that you'll discover if you follow my blog..c u soon, so.


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